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Living in Ikast

Are you planning to
move to Ikast?

Living in the Municipality of Ikast-Brande means living in the heart of Jutland. Here you find a rich and diverse nature, small and welcoming towns and a thriving business community.

Whether you are moving to Ikast as a family with children or you are coming as a couple or on your own the municipality has something to offer. There is a guarentee for childcare, well-equipped schools, an International School and an IB Intertanational Studies. There are a variety of leisure acitivities as well as shopping possibilities and cultural events.

The town of Ikast is not be very big, but hard work and determination has created an active and globally oriented community, and we are growing.

Expat Herning & Ikast-Brande Introduction Video

Welcome to the Municipality of Ikast-Brande

Ikast syd med rokken i rundkørselen
Harrild Hede

Get help from Ikast-Brande Municipality Newcomer Guide

If you have questions – such as housing, healthcare, daycare for your children or other matters – Ikast-Brande Municipality’s Newcomer guide Ole Nielsen can help you. Ole assists and guides both Danish and foreign newcomers, ensuring quick and constructive communication between newcomers and Ikast-Brande Municipality’s staff.

You can call or write to Ole. He can help and guide you for:

  • You are looking for an accommodation

  • You currently commute to your workplace in Ikast-Brande Municipality, and wish to get on top of the housing waiting list in a number of local housing associations. You can read more about the pendler housing agreement here.

  • You have questions about all the practical matters when you are moving – for example getting a Danish ID-number (Cpr – nummer), getting the yellow health-insurance and moving your address.

  • You have questions about daycare, school and education

  • You need to find out who to contact in Ikast-Brande Municipality for specific issues

  • You need to get in touch with another local or government department.

Newcomer Guide: Ole Nielsen

Phone: +45 99 60 43 28

Mail: olnie@ikast-brande.dk

You are always welcome to “The Jobbox” at Ikast Town hall, where a Jobcenter employee will be able to assist you during opening hours.

Opening hours:
Monday and Tuesday from 9.30 – 14.00
Wednesday closed
Thursday from 9.30  17.00
Friday from 9.30  13.00  

Email: jobboxen@ikast-brande.dk 

Web: http://jobboxen.ikast-brande.dk/

Bøgildvej 6
DK-7430 Ikast
Phone: +45 97 15 36 11
Email: ig@ikast-gym.dk
Web: http://www.ikast-gym.dk/ib

Overview of housing societies and real estate agents

Finsensvej 1A

DK-7430 Ikast


Phone: +45 72 18 55 00

Email: mail@bomidtvest.dk

Web: http://www.bomidtvest.dk/ 

Bo Midtvest is a non-profit housing society. This means that we are responsible for providing low-cost, modern housing for anyone in need of a home.

All the money that we receive from tenants goes back into modernizing our homes.

Through an elected residence committee, all residents have direct influence on the developments on the estate. Participation is completely voluntary. Many estates offer social activities for children and adults that are free to participate in.

When you live with us, we take care of the daily maintenance. We have a great team of caretakers, who look after the grounds, and help you out, if a problem occurs in your home.

Skolegade 38

DK-7430 Ikast


Phone: +45 97 15 32 20

Email: info@iabf.dk

 Web: http://www.ikastandelsboligforening.dk/

Ikast Andelsboligforening is a non-profit organization where the human concerns rank the highest, along with a financially responsible policy.

This is reflected in our service where we strive to create housing and environment that can contribute to a better everyday life for our residents.

How to become a member, and is signed up on the waiting list, you can read more about on our website www.ikastandelsboligforening.dk or you are welcome to call our office.

Please contact us: info@iabf.dk or phone +45 97 15 32 20

Kirkegade 74

DK-7430 Ikast


Phone: +45 40 18 82 78

Email: boligudlejning@kronebo.dk

Web: http://www.kronebo.dk/​

Strøget 29

DK-7430 Ikast

Phone: +45 96 27 08 15

Email: ikast@danbolig.dk

Web: https://danbolig.dk/butik/ikast

Strøget 34

DK-7430 Ikast

Phone: +45 97 15 33 22


Web: http://www.edc.dk/ikast

Østergade 5

DK-7430 Ikast

Phone: +45 97 15 68 33

Email: 7430@nybolig.dk

Web: http://www.nybolig.dk/

Vestergade 22

DK-7430 Ikast

Phone: +45 88 70 50 90

Email: ikast@johnfrandsen.dk

 Web: https://www.johnfrandsen.dk